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What you can do is connect to the pre-funded accounts that are created automatically by Hardhat with the following steps: Run the Hardhat Network in a standalone fashion using npx hardhat node--show-accounts to print the pre-funded accounts that are created automatically by Hardhat to std.out, along with their corresponding private keys.. "/>. Now that our contract is written and our configuration file is good to go, it’s time to write our contract deploy script. Navigate to the scripts/ folder and create a new file called deploy.js, adding the following contents to it: 1 async function main() {. 2 const MyNFT = await ethers.getContractFactory("MyNFT") 3. 4. Running hardhat node asks me to create a project: Advanced project with Typescript fails to compile: Hardhat dosen't notice if in contract an array is send instead of a single value: Ability to verify on other chains like Cronos, Milkomeda, etc. 📜 :docs hardhat-ethers plugin should be at the forefront of the documentation.
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